Kitten Lola trapped in chimney in Liverpool for four days

A kitten who wedged herself halfway up a chimney for four days was rescued in a four-hour operation by the RSPCA and fire crews.

Lola’s worried owner contacted the RSPCA after hearing the kitten making noises inside the chimney at home in Liverpool on Friday.

RSPCA inspector Matt Brown said rescuing her was worth getting a uniform covered in soot.

The RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital gave her a check-up.

“She had somehow managed to climb inside the chimney – about 8ft (2.4m) up it,” said Mr Brown.

The rescuers climbed up on the roof of the house in Fairfield Drive and poked rods down to see if it would help her get down.

When that failed they removed the fireplace and freed her using long poles.

“By the time we got her out, we were completely covered in soot and she came out looking bedraggled and dazed,” said Mr Brown.

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BBC News – England

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