REVEALED: ISIS 'developing new hi-tech explosives to pass through airports undetected'

Around the bombed ruins of Mosul University, Iraqi-based US officials have discovered evidence of unfamiliar bombs which can pass through airport scanner’s undetected.

Mosul University has long been associated with bomb-making projects and was even once referred to as the centre for jihadi’s projects, CBS reports.

After seeing the explosives, the officials expressed their fears that the blueprint for the bombs may be concealed within a computer, although a commander insisted that a large amount of their facilities were destroyed in order to disperse evidence.

However, the jihadi’s failure to hide the evidence of this bomb has fuelled terror fears.

The news of potential hi-tech bombs comes as a proposed Trump administration ban on passengers from Europe taking laptops into cabins on flights to America appears to have been dropped.

After a four-hour meeting between EU and US officials on Wednesday, the representatives did not discuss applying the so-called “laptop ban” to flights from Europe.

A senior source told the Guardian the industry would be “surprised” if the Trump administration had dropped its plans.

The source continued: “If the ban was no going ahead it is a great result and a lot of credit should go to the European side for negotiating, but at the moment it is not so certain.”

Conflict Armament Research (CAR), a conflict group, has previously said that ISIS were in the process of “promoting the development of “own-brand weapons” to provide its insurgents with otherwise unavailable armaments.

CAR said: “The (IED) can be thrown, launched from an improvised rifle attachment, or in its most recent phases of development, dropped from a commercial, off-the-shelf unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone.”

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